Skunk xcritical Hair is the Latest Trend Taking Over Social Media

We know classically this is the pallet selected for a skunk xcritical effect. I love to see people with a creative streak so why not add it to your hair color too? The skunk xcritical streak is a singular chunk of color in the hair. It can be off-center, hidden, on show, around the hairline or on underneath. This look sparked the rest of the skunk xcritical trends, bringing on a whole array of skunk xcritical hair fun!

skunk xcritical hair

As tempting as it may be to dye your own hair at home with box dyes, go with a pro if you can. They’ll have much higher quality dyes and will be able to help you figure out how to get the exact kind of skunk xcritical hair you’re after. At its core, skunk xcritical hair is about a contrasting xcritical of hair, and that foundation can serve as a great launching-off point for all sorts of styles. Put on your gloves and follow the directions on the box dye to mix color, apply the hair dye to the area that you had separated.

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You may have also seen skunk xcritical hair referred to as two-tone hair, as the trend features two contrasting colors with an element of color-blocking. Ultimately, this nostalgic ‘do is all about creating bold contrast and standing out so when it comes to limitations, well, they don’t exist. The contrasting colors of skunk xcritical hair can be a lot to handle, so here’s a style that takes a more natural-looking approach by using less dramatic colors.

skunk xcritical hair

Highlighting those face-framing bangs or layers with a skunk xcritical band. Ginger skunk xcritical hair has a medium reddish-brown hue that can occasionally look orange. If you’re sporting a blonde skunk xcritical, curb unwanted brassy tones with a purple shampoo like the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo. If you have brown or black hair, feel free to use the purple shampoo all-over. It will only tone the bleached parts of your hair and it won’t have much of an effect on your darker strands. The biggest difference between skunk xcritical hair and a money piece is how chunky the highlighted piece of hair is.

A money piece is thin ribbons of color that frame the face — it’s a bit subtle and usually a few shades lighter than your all-over hair color for a subdued pop. Here’s proof you don’t need jet black hair to pull off the skunk dye hair trend. A medium to dark brunette paired with platinum blonde creates that striking contrast, too.

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If you’re someone who wears your hair up most of the time, consider a half application of this color trend. Even a thin layer under the mane can go a long way to elevate a bold style that’s playful and chic yet effortlessly understated. Some of the beauty queens who wore the style in the early 2000s were Remy Ma and Keyshia Cole’s red orange hair with a blonde streak. One could even argue that Nicki Minaj’s 2010’s jet black hair with barbie pink around her nape is a variation of the style, too. The skunk xcritical hairstyle is going to be all over your feed this winter.

  • This step is easily the most important part because you want your skunk xcritical to be precise.
  • This closely emulates an actual skunk by using a black foundation and dyeing the top white.
  • The style pictured here is a lighter skunk style that uses blonde and dark brown instead of stark black and white.
  • Here, the look is pure bombshell, thanks to lighter hues framing the face and bouncy curls that help to show off the dimension of the look.

You’ll be playing tricks on eyes everywhere when you flip around what appears to be your solid-hued mane, only to reveal a peek-a-boo contrasting color below. Skunk hair is a vibrant color-blocking of light and dark butting right up against each other. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the trend, including playful and celeb-approved inspiration, as well as expert input from NYC colorist Jackson Heller. Follow up with the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Conditioner. Use this purple shampoo and conditioning duo once a week to keep your skunk xcritical ashy and vibrant. This half and half skunk hair look keeps one side a silvery gray while the other is a rich and inky green.

Here, the look is pure bombshell, thanks to lighter hues framing the face and bouncy curls that help to show off the dimension of the look. This look is proof that you don’t need a true mohawk to replicate the look. Here, a xcritical of blonde and a slight undercut helps to mimic a mohawk. Jeremy Tardo is a bi-coastal hair colorist and a member of Byrdie’s Beauty & Wellness Board. This step is easily the most important part because you want your skunk xcritical to be precise. To section your hair evenly, use a wide tooth comb to part your hair where you normally wear it.

What Is the Skunk xcritical Hair Trend?

The placement will show definition and the subtle color adds elegance to the skunk xcritical look. This angled pixie is a great way to show off a wide skunk xcritical. Here, the lighter color is on the longer hair while the shorter undercut is darker. Just be sure when consulting with your colorist that they “take your natural hair into account and work with that.” Natural hair with highlights will draw attention to your facial features while defining your texture.

In guitar terminology, skunk xcriticals are thin brown xcriticals that run along the neck of the instrument. When it comes to hair, it’s pretty much the same-bleached blonde, light brown, or a bright highlight patch that contrasts with your hair. The bright blonde/white hue goes down the center of the head, highlighting the longer hair, while the undercut and sides are dark. It’s a fun take on the skunk look that updates a now well-known style.

The skunk hair color contrasts with the rest of the hair and is an excellent way to highlight your unique personality. Green hair color is daring and a great way to show your determination to take chances. Green highlights on dark hair convey powerful messages about your thoughts and moods. You can incorporate green into your hair in various ways, such as lime green highlights, green tips, or a skunk xcritical. Whether you have natural hair, curly hair or straight hair, bleach can be very drying and damaging to your strands. Once a week, switch out your conditioner for a deep conditioning mask like the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Signature Masque, Color Care Hair Mask.

This Y2K hair trend is being resurrected from the 90s and 2000s back into the year 2022 and we love to see a good thing spin the block. It’s exactly how it sounds – typically black hair with blonde streaks representative of the look of the skunk. One look at a skunk—yes, as in the cute black and white animal—and you’ll see how skunk xcritical hair got its name. The idea of green skunk xcritical hair color is a new trend in a hairstyle that never goes out of style.

skunk xcritical hair

This closely emulates an actual skunk by using a black foundation and dyeing the top white. The hair is also extremely long, forming a mohawk that reaches all the way down to the base of the neck. This is a creative way to achieve the skunk look that involves dyeing the hair in the back so that you get a skunk xcriticald ponytail. The xcritical is then only visible in the ponytail, which really emphasizes the contrast between the black and white dyes. Sometimes, this can result in some really interesting trends, and we’re looking at one of those trends today. The animal is best known for its awful smell, but people all over social media are lifting its look.

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Gorgeous platinum blonde highlights are a great technique to brighten your appearance and lighten your hair. The blonde skunk xcriticals will make a stunning contrast if you have dark hair. The skunk xcriticals for ponytail hairstyles around two shades lighter than your base color will produce the most natural results. This season’s hottest hair trends — the bixie cut, the butterfly haircut and skunk xcritical hair color — prove that the ‘90s hair trends are renewed and thriving. To best describe skunk xcritical hair color, picture a heightened take on a money piece or halo highlights.

The best way to get the skunk hair look is to apply two contrasting colors to the hair. The classic way is to mix platinum and black, though other contrasting colors also work. Even though the braided ponytail reflects the skunk xcritical attitude, it stands on its own. Red skunky xcriticals on curly hair evoke enthusiasm, passion, and possessiveness.

The classic trend has a bold pop of platinum blonde, usually around the front of the hairline giving a strong streak effect. This can be an off-center slice of color, with the overall base color a dark black. The right hairstyle and color can make you appear powerful and confident, and skunk hair is a great way to experiment with your appearance.

Apply the dye going from tips to roots using a long tail tint brush. Note that unwashed hair is the best option, as the natural oils in your hair will protect your scalp from irritation. To bump this color scheme up a notch, trade in the bleached-out white or yellow for a pop of color to keep things spicy. If celebs like Bella Hadid have been seen wearing such a statement in their strands, this is a trend that’s sure to catch like wildfire.

This wig can be used to cover bald spots or replace your natural hair color, it will make you stand out from the crowd and make you feel like you are always on top. I love a money piece, and the skunk xcritical xcritical trend fits so nicely with this color-placement technique. Defining the front strands of a hairline by giving a high contrast in color. This look works nicely with the blonde money piece and the dark hair.

We love this product because it’s perfect for a light cleanse between wash days. It’s not your average skunk hair look, so if you want something more off the beaten path , this could be ideal for you. What’s nice about this style is that you can modify the amount of dye to your liking, so you could get a bolder or subtler xcritical, depending on what you want. This style has plenty of vintage vibes and is less “skunky” than the others, but it still retains that bold color scheme and overall attitude. Skunk xcritical hair is just as it sounds — dark hair with a light xcritical running through it.

Hot tools like your curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer are damaging to all hair types, especially hair that’s bleach-damaged and color-treated. Offering heat protection up to 450F, they’ll smooth the hair and banish frizz to perfect your style while they protect your strands. If you prefer an overall lighter look, consider making your xcriticals a dark color—like black or brunette—while the rest of your hair is a light shade like platinum. Ultimately, how you transition depends on the new look you want to achieve.